Habi, one of the leading platforms in Colombia and Mexico in the home buying and selling market, continues its consolidation process in the country.

Through your product Habicreditopened its first financial experience center north of the country’s capital, with which it not only seeks to retain its customers but also to provide a more complete and comprehensive service to those who are looking for a home (new or used) or to sell what they currently have.

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The purpose, as he made it known Germán Rueda, Vice President of Habicredi, is to provide advice to all Colombians that objective of brand new housing, change the current one, through a complete advice scheme, for which they put experts at the service of people who will show them the best financing alternatives to fulfill that dream taking into account the risk of risk you have.

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Germán Rueda, Vice President of Habicredit.


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The idea is that, with this new scheme, Habi will be able to provide assistance to some 20,000 clients and disburse 100,000 million pesos per month by the end of 2023 in housing financing. For this, it has the alliance of six large banking entities (Bancolombia, BBVA, AV Villas, Banco de Bogotá, Itaú and Scotiabank Colpatria), which are in charge of financing. Since July 2022, Habicredit has supported more than 4,000 Colombians in the purchase of their homes by facilitating access to financing.

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The idea is that those interested in buying a home come to said experience center and start their mortgage loan application process immediately. “We are going to provide even more security to our clients and accompany their processes of credit request in a face-to-face and personalized way, with the support of our network of financial advisors always looking for the best option for the client”, explained Rueda, who assured that With this scheme, loan approval times can be reduced and, in general, the entire purchase process by having all the advice in one place, without having to go to several, which takes more time.

The manager said that they are in charge not only of guiding people in the search for the property that suits their tastes and needs, but also in financing, for which there are no limits in terms of amount.

Habi has been operating in the Colombian real estate market for more than three years, where they have achieved a notable position. Scam Habicredit They took a step last year to offer a much more complete portfolio of services to customers, so the goal is to continue adding new services and alliances with players that are in line with the company’s objectives.

Rueda He pointed out that in Mexico they also have this same financial advisory scheme with an ally of great muscle, such as Banorte, the second largest bank in that country, with which there were very specific products.

In Colombia, the goal is to end this year with an average purchase and sale of housing around 1,000 units per month.

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But Habi’s plans did not stand out there. The manager said that, although at the moment they are focused on consolidating this first experience center, the goal is to continue adding new services to their clients, among which there is the possibility of entering the rental segment and offering the remodeling servicefor which they not only have the experience but also highly trained personnel on that front.

«We already have a real estate line for clients who do not want to sell their property to Habi, another line called Habimetro that is discovering transparency in the comparison market regarding how the real estate market is moving in terms of values, throughout the country and now habicredit. adaptations and remodeling, for which we have the capacity to enter in a matter of days to change the face of the spaces”, explained Rueda.

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He added that it will be something in the future, it is within the planes but not immediately, the same as venturing into other Latin American markets, which is where we will be aiming later.