The program Citizen Incomeof the national government, its objective is to financially help more than 3 million households that are in a situation of extreme poverty with a subsidy of 500,000 pesos per month.

What was established by the control entities was that the selection of favored households in the program depended on their economic situation. However, Announced Social Prosperity that these registrations should be temporarily suspended.

«Social Prosperity has received multiple alerts about the possible inadequate handling of the registrations of the Transit to Citizen Income program and the recurring invisibility of the image of Social Prosperity by third parties, who try to gain political revenue,» the statement said.

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In addition, he pointed out that the oversight of the Investment Fund for Peace joined the alert voices about the risk of politicization of the programs, and issued the recommendation not to carry out registration processes for the moment.

«The entity allows itself to clarify that, once the risks are mitigated, it will inform the public and interested parties of the measures adopted, to give continuity to the process, with the adjustments that may take place,» emphasized Prosperidad Social.

Citizen income: these are the measures that Social Prosperity took

1. Temporarily suspend the registration process of the Transit to Citizen Income programto avoid the risk of cooptation by politicians of any tendency.

2. Immediately notify allies in the territories of this decision and the measures to be implemented to mitigate the risk identified in the institutional matrix of Social Prosperity. This identifies as a risk: «Using the name or image of institutional programs in order to obtain benefits on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties.» The consequences identified are: «Loss of credibility in the entity» and «conditioning of the vote to program participants».

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3. Redouble efforts to position the image of Social Prosperity throughout the country, to prevent unscrupulous people from deceiving the public.

4. Notify the competent authorities of the alerts received and situations that, in the entity’s opinion, they represent a risk.

5. Remind citizens that the procedures before Social Prosperity have no cost and they are not associated with any political party or movement, to avoid possible conditioning of the vote of program participants.

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