Credit cards are a nightmare for many people by becoming a long-term debt; however, with key financial education, these can be a tool for building a credit life.

In this sense, not only banks but companies have also launched their cards on the market to build customer loyalty, as is the case with Grupo Éxito or Falabella.

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Now, the communications company Claro has joined this trend and has launched the Claro Play credit card.

We tell you how it works and how to take advantage of its benefits as with any other credit card.

One of the advantages that almost all credit cards have is that they allow cash withdrawals at ATMs, known as advances.

The Claro card also allows you to withdraw cash at Inbursa and Scotiabank ATMs, although You have to be careful with interest rates, which are usually higher in these cases.

Another benefit of cards associated with businesses, such as Falabella or Rappi, is that they can make returns on purchases. In this case, in the first purchase They return 20% of the value paid, not exceeding one million pesos.

Like any franchise that launches its card, Claro seeks to retain its customers, so within its terms and conditions it has included a

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In addition, like traditional cards, Claro’s has a purchase protection policy, which is usually applied in cases of damage or theft.

According to its official web portal, the telephone company has also set up a 24-hour service system for report the loss or theft of this credit card.

In the market it is common for fewer and fewer credit cards to charge a handling fee, as this does not usually convince customers who do not use them frequently and do not want to pay for having the plastic.

With a key financial education, credit cards can be a tool to build a credit life.

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However, the Claro card, according to its official website, has a fixed fee of 10,000 pesos.

Remember that, according to Sebastián Celis, an expert in finance, it is always best to make purchases with a fee, and use the credit card as if it were a debit that must be paid instantly.Additionally, it is a good strategy to use it only to take advantage of the benefits of some, such as the refund of money or discounts in some shops.


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