Camilo Rincón, who was the Director of Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Mines and Energy until January 11, made delicate revelations about the oil contract report that has been questioned by experts and unions of the sector.

Rincón was linked to the entity for more than four years and held different positions. With the arrival of the government of President Gustavo Petro, he was appointed Director of Hydrocarbons in August 2022. However, He left the entity by «decision of the administration of Minister Irene Vélez».

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The former official clarified that his departure from the entity was not due to the publication of the report called ‘Balance of hydrocarbon contracts and resources available for the energy transition’.

But he clarified that, contrary to what has been indicated, «did not participate in the team that formulated and generated the report».

The comments that I made together with my team from the Hydrocarbons Directorate were not addressed in their entirety and the document was published.

However, Camilo Rincón stated that, prior to the publication of the report, he was asked -from his role and functions- review and comment on it, which he delivered to the Minister Irene Vélez and the Vice Minister of Energy, Belizza Ruiz.

«The comments that I made together with my team from the Hydrocarbons Directorate,or were fully addressed and the document was published»asserted.

Likewise, I verified that «I was never informed that my name and that of two collaborators from the Hydrocarbons Directorate were going to be published as co-authors of the document, finally, I did not issue approval to use my name in it«.

Despite this, the report on page 17 indicates that the production projection methodology was developed by the Hydrocarbons Directorate, «which is not true,» according to the former official.

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He says that this was led by the advisers from the minister’s office and reiterated what the minister said this Thursday during a press session regarding the participation of the Directorate of Hydrocarbons «It was limited to the information that was requested such as the resource and reserve report, production history and others».

Regarding the technical assessments that indicate that Colombia could have natural gas until 2037 and 2042, «I do not have the information that gave rise to such projections and it must be the formulators and structurers of the document who explain the methodologies and data used for such end,» said Camilo Rincón.

«I feel responsible for clarifying the situation, since I have had a career throughout 13 years focused on technical knowledge, professionalism and respect for institutions. Personally and with the principle of good faith, I consider that the leaders of the document due to the technical justifications of the same. The document could be subject to reformulation and construction among all: industry, academia and, of course, the Mining and Energy portfolio and its affiliated entities,» said the former director of the entity.