There is controversy in the Chancellery due to the dismissal of 170 civil servants after carrying out a merit contest of the National Civil Service Commission.

According to the Union of Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Semex), among those affected would be pensioners and heads of household.

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“Those who will be appointed are the product of a merit contest held in the previous government and all of them are welcome. The call is to respect the stability of pre-pensioners, heads of household and sick people,» said the union.

Faced with this situation, the Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva Make sure that under the pretext of a merit contest the National Civil Service Commission removed all these people «with a stroke of the pen» and urged to review the law.

“The Foreign Ministry does not throw out its officials just like that and just because. Less those who work with boldness and loyalty. The National Civil Service Commission, thus the pretext of a «merit» contest, came out with a stroke of the pen of excellent servants. The law needs to be reviewed. unfair. Overwhelming, ”she said through Ella Leyva’s account of her.

Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva during his speech at the 52nd OAS General Assembly.

The president of the union of employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Burchardt Melo, responded to this message, saying that immediate actions must be taken to save the rights of workers and listen to the proposals that this organization has in order to maintain stability. labor.

Layoffs at the Caro y Cuervo Institute

The Foreign Ministry is not the only entity in which dismissals related to merit contests have been announced in recent days.

In it Caro and Cuervo Instituteattached to the Ministry of Culture, the National Civil Service Commission (CNSC), a merit contest was held and a large number of employees will also be left out.

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The entity assures that it objected to the Commission some of the criteria of the thematic axes in the competition tests but it did not take them into account.

«One of the insistence of the Institute was to protect the jobs of the employees of the Patriotic Printing Office to contribute to the safeguarding of the knowledge and patrimonial trades of Colombia,» the Institute said in a statement.

What does the Commission say?

After this comment, the Commission released a statement in which it rejects all kinds of comments aimed at ignoring the merit contests carried out by the entity.

In addition, he explained that the 1991 Constitution establishes that jobs in State bodies and entities are administrative career, with the exception of those of popular election, those of free appointment and removal, those of official workers and others determined by law; and that the officials, whose appointment system has not been determined by the Constitution or the law, will be appointed by public contest of merits.

“The administrative career is a technical system of personnel administration that aims to guarantee the efficiency of public administration and offer: stability and equal opportunities for access and promotion to public service. For this, entry and permanence in administrative career jobs will be done exclusively based on merit, through selection processes in which transparency and objectivity are guaranteed, without any discrimination,» the Commission explained.

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