After the well-known tax reform approved last November, several forms and financial duties of the Colombian population changed. Among these modifications is that some people, natural and legal, will have to pay a wealth tax.

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In the same way, and as required by law, the Tax Value Unit (UVT) has also been modified. For this 2023, they will be located at $42,412.

The natural and legal persons who must pay the permanent wealth tax are those who have a net worth (assets minus liabilities) of more than 72,000 UVT.

Also remember that it is a progressive tax, so the higher your net worth is, more will be deducted in taxes; 0.5% for the lowest fortunes and 1.5% for the highest.

(In addition: neighboring properties to road works would pay a whole tax for valuation)

«As of 72,000 UVT ($3,053 million in 2023) a rate of 0.5% applies, between 122,000 ($5,174 million) and 239,000 UVT ($10,136 million) the rate will be located at 1%, and from 239,000 UVT there will be a rate of 1.5% for five years,» explains Portafolio.Remember that from 2027, all assets greater than 122,000 UVT will pay a rate of 1%.

So you should calculate it

The formula should be done like this:

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For those who pay 0.5%:
(UVT Recordable Base – 72,000 UVT)* 0.5%

For those who pay 1%:
(UVT Recordable Base – 122,000 UVT)* 1% + 250 UVT

For those who pay 1.5%:
(UVT Recordable Base – 239,000 UVT)* 1.5% + 1,420 UVT

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