The driving license is a public document, of a personal and non-transferable nature, which is valid throughout the national territory.

Four million driving licenses are pending renewal, a process that drivers will have to carry out before June 20Therefore, the Ministry of Transport has emphasized the importance of renewing the document as soon as possible.

Encourage the renewal of licenses in the country. Today we are in a critical situation because until June 20 (…) we have the obligation of citizens who have not renewed their license today”, highlights Carlos Eduardo Enríquez, Vice Minister of Transportation.

It should be remembered that the Law 2161 of 2021 granted an additional term of up to two years, exclusively for driving licenses that expired between January 1 and 31, 2022, rescues the Ministry of Transportation on its website.

According to the Runt (Unique National Traffic Registry), of the more than 4 million licenses that were covered by the extension for renewal, only 554 thousand have been renewed until May 17, one month before the expiration date.

Of the more than 4 million licenses covered by the renewal extension, only 554,000 have been renewed as of May 17.


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Remember that you must renew the license if it has an expiration date between January 1 and 31, 2022, if you do not specify the expiration date or it says ‘indefinite’.

According to the characteristics of the Vice Minister in an interview with columbia today, to make the renovation You must go to a driver recognition center, known as CRCFor a medical examination (physical, mental and motor coordination) to be carried out and for the professional to certify that you have full use of your abilities to drive a vehicle, this is a mandatory step.

After going to the CRC, you must review the situation of your driver’s license in the Runt system to verify if you owe any summons and reach a payment agreement. This information can also be validated on the Simit website ( to consult and pay your traffic fines throughout Colombia.

There you only have to enter your type of document, identity document number, if you are going to inquire about subpoenas, resolutions, courses or all of the above and validating the code. There you can also make online payment by PSE.

Then, You must make an appointment in advance at the transit agency of your city or municipality to renew the license. When you attend said appointment you must bring the original identity document and have time availability, says the Ministry. Also, you must pay the stipulated values ​​and, at the end of the process, the information will be automatically registered on the Runt platform.


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