Datacrédito is a credit information center in Colombia that collects information on people’s credit history, including their payment behavior and their ability to meet their financial obligations.

The reports produced by the entity are used by lenders and financial service providers, such as banks, insurers, supermarket chains, cell phone operators, among others, to assess the creditworthiness of consumers.

How to know my score in Datacrédito?

By entering the page and registering in the ‘free access to my Datacrédito’ module, you can register for free and check if your credit history is positive or negative.

«The credit score is expressed in a number, and the higher that number is estimated, the less possibility of default against a credit obligation. Inquiries about credit history or credit score do not affect the credit score at all. people’s credit».

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How to organize to meet the payment of obligations?

According to Camilo Garay, vice president of consulting at DataCrédito, the best tool to achieve goals in financial matters is to organize a monthly budget to be clear about both income and expenses.

“In the case of credit cards, it is advisable to use them for what is strictly necessary and thus avoid high interest payments on future bills. For this reason, it is recommended to make purchases at lower installments, try not to make advances and, if possible, make capital payments to release said obligation.

I already paid, when will the negative report be removed?

In accordance with the provisions of Law 1266 of 2008 modified by Law 2157 of 2021, the term of permanence of negative reports will be double the time of the delay, maximum four (4) years counted from the date on which due installments are paid or the obligation is extinguished, and that payment is reflected in DataCrédito Experian.

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