The Brazilian side Daniel Alvesdetained in a prison Barcelona after being accused by a woman of sexual assault, he will be sanctioned by his club, the UNAM Cougars of Mexican soccer.

«The Club Universidad Nacional will execute the actions and sanctions, as established in the labor contract that has been entered into with the athlete, as well as in the Internal Work Regulations,» explained this Friday the club that represents the Autonomous University of Mexicoone of the most important of Latin America.

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Alves, 39, was arrested this Friday in Barcelona and, after giving a statement, was imprisoned for presumably raping a woman in a bathroom at a nightclub in that Spanish city on December 30.

‘Case pending’

The judge handling his case ordered the footballer to be held in prison without bail, considering that he presents a high risk of flight, given his economic capabilities and that he resides outside of Spain, in Mexico.

The Pumas indicated that «soon» they will report the sanctions to which the Brazilian footballer will be credited.

Alves arrived at the Pumas in July 2022 as the star reinforcement of the Mexican league in the transfer market prior to Apertura 2022.

The Brazilian’s impact was not positive on the field as the Pumas occupied the penultimate place in the Apertura standings, outside of the fight for the title, in the former Barcelona player’s first tournament.

The Mexican league issued a press release hours before the Pumas in which it claimed to be aware of the evolution of the Alves case.

«The MX League, in conjunction with the National University Club (Pumas), will be pending the case and the legal situation of the player to determine what is appropriate regarding his participation in the league,» he published.

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