Daniel Alves He was arrested on January 20 in Barcelona, ​​​​when he appeared to testify for the alleged rape of a woman, which would have occurred on December 30 in a Barcelona nightclub.

The court decreed the unconditional prison for the footballer, who is now an inmate in the Brians 2 prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, in Barcelona.

The situation of the Brazilian player does not look encouraging for his lawyers and his family, since the different tests and the testimonies collected seem to seriously compromise him.

Not surprisingly, Lucia Alves, her mother, has already arrived in Spain to witness the case up close. And, as could be seen in the video of her arrival, is devastated

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Alves’ mother, devastated

Lucía Alves, Dani’s mother, reappeared in a video broadcast by the Spanish newspaper ‘ABC’, and apparently trusts her son’s innocence.

Although she and her companions refused to comment after their meeting with the lawyers, she agreed when asked about the innocence of her son, who is without bail.

In the recording, she is perceived as very affected and, as she herself demonstrates, speechless.

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Lawyer Ester García López, who defends the woman who denounced Daniel
Alves, for an alleged sexual assault, assured that he would reject a possible agreement proposal to avoid a conviction of the soccer player, in an interview published this Thursday by the Brazilian portal ‘UOL’.

García stressed that his client has «firmly» rejected and reiterated the possibility of receiving compensation from his alleged attacker, to which he is entitled, given that he has a good financial position, and only wants justice to be done.

«Her sentence was: ‘If there is compensation money in between, I’m not going to hire you’. From the first minute, she told me no. Nobody knows that,» said the lawyer, stressing that her client’s decision it is not a strategy.


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