In the last days, Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the football news for his surprise signing for the Al Nassr clubfrom Saudi Arabia, with whom he is expected to play his first game in the coming days.

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In his tremendous presentation at the Marsol Park stadium, in Riyadh -the Arab capital-, he was received by more than 25,000 people, who were enthusiastic about his arrival in Middle Eastern football.

Although during the press conference an event arose that has raised all kinds of criticism against the Portuguese striker, who He had a slip and said that it was a challenge for him to «play in South Africa» -a country located more than 6,000 kilometers south of Saudi Arabia-, also filled the spectators with great joy.

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That was the case of a little boy who was the protagonist when receiving a gift that he will never forget from Cristiano. The ‘7’ was kicking several balls towards the stands, where they were received with jubilation and emotion, but this child’s case was special. The ‘Bug’ completed the ball, took it with his own hands, pointed to the little boy in the crowd and threw the ball at him.

In the video, published on the official social networks of Al Nassr, you can see the emotion of the public when the minor raises the ball in the air as if it were a trophy, which he will probably treasure for the rest of his life.

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Cristiano Ronaldo began his first experience outside of European football at Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia after passing through Sporting de Portugal, Real Madrid, Juventus in Turin and Manchester United on two occasions; so the fans are waiting.

His debut is expected to be during the match between Al Nassr and Al Tai on Thursday, January 10 am, or on January 13 at 12:30 pm, against Al Shabab.

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