The announcements of several large chain supermarkets to cut the prices of some basic products of the family basket have just been added Colsubsidio markets, commerce of the Colsubsidio Family Compensation Fund, whose directives indicated that there are more than 400 items whose prices were lowered.

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Customers and users of this store will show discounts this season at the 104 points of sale concentrated in the central zone of the country (Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Meta and the Coffee Region).

Within the variety of discounted products, people will be able to find eggs, milk, rice, sugar, oil, meat, coffee, tuna, fruits, meat, fish and chicken, as well as items for personal and household hygiene, such as toilet paper. and Softener, among other essential goods.

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Ara was the first of these supermarket chains to announce cuts in its offer of basic family basket products, but this initiative was joined very quickly by Éxito, Olímpica and Makro, which little by little accentuates the ‘war’ of discounts.

We want to relieve the pocket of Colombians, who have been impacted by inflation and the high prices of the basic products of the family basket, allowing them to save and find a wide assortment of their own products and leading brands in the market. There are more than 400 references with special prices that you can find in our Colsubsidio Markets”, commented Jaime Gil Moreno, manager of Colsubsidio Markets.

The manager also said that he would permanently develop special days such as Harvest Tuesday, Early Morning, Maxi Fortnight, Savings Days and Affiliate Days, so that consumers find various savings options, while working hard to consolidate as a chain with a wide assortment of perishable items with the best quality and the best prices.

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