The digital ID It is the identification document for Colombians that now allows them, in addition to carrying out procedures in the country, to travel to eight countries in South America without having to carry a passport. However, this document does not replace the traditional identity card, but is considered a duplicate of it.

According to National Registry, The digital ID can be used to enter the member and associate countries of the Andean Community: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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Although at the moment it is not mandatory, around 750,000 Colombians already have the digital ID.

It is worth mentioning that once the document is acquired through the website of the Registry, in which you must pay 55,750 pesos to obtain it, you must proceed to activate it through your mobile phone. We tell you how to do this process.

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Step by Step

Based on the instructions presented by the Registry, you must:

– Once the physical version of the identity document is claimed, a message will be sent to you from the mail the email account that appeared at the time of its preparation.

– This message contains a QR code with which you can activate your digital ID on the mobile device that is valid for 48 hours.

– Before opening the message, the citizen must download the application ‘Cédula Digital Colombia’ that they will find in the application store of their mobile device (App Store iPhone and Play Store – Android).

– Once the app is downloaded on your mobile device, you will have two options to activate the digital document: the first, by opening the QR code from the email on your mobile device and the second, by scanning the QR code with your mobile device, on another Electronic device.

So you can open the QR code on another device

1. Close any screen pops that are currently open on the mobile device.

2. Open the message sent by the mailbox on your mobile device and is located at the bottom of the QR code in the ‘activate’ option.

3. Enter the ‘activate’ option and after carefully reading the statements, you must approve them one by one with the ‘Next’ option located at the bottom of each one’s screen.

4. Once the statements are approved, the permissions that the mobile device requires to complement the activation will be granted, as well as the terms and conditions established in the application.

5. After accepting the terms and conditions, a confirmation message will appear. face authentication, which must be confirmed to open the camera of the mobile device.

6. You can place the mobile device in front of your face; placing it in the frame that appears on the screen, until the camera is enabled.

7. With the camera enabled and with the movement of the head, it must be join the three 3 dots that appear on the screen.

8. Joining the dots, the message ‘processing’ will appear and if there is no change in the authentication, a ‘congratulations’ message will appear. Which must be approved to continue with the activation.

9. Then you will have to proceed to enter and confirm a 6-digit pin (key to enter the digital ID on the mobile device).

10 Registered and approved number, there concludes the activation of the card on the mobile device.