The Minister of Housing, City and Territory, Catalina Velasco Campuzano, has just presented the Cambia Mi Casa program, a government strategy that seeks to improve the housing conditions of Colombian households. During the presentation, it was explained how his first call worked, here we tell you.

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The benefit, which is expected to be received by 400,000 households, may be up to 22 SMMLV, depending on the type of intervention carried out to improve housing conditions. The Ministry explained that this subsidy may be complementary with the contributions of the municipal and departmental order.

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Government opened first call for Change My House

This is how Change My House will work

The project will use the Identification System for Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (Sisbén IV) as a tool for the verification of vulnerability conditions in all modalities, informed the Ministry through an official statement.

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Additionally, it is expected that Through the Sisbén database will serve to evaluate the socioeconomic conditions of households. Among the conditions requested by the program is that its beneficiaries must have a Sisbén score equal to or less than C18.

Who can access the benefit?

In the urban sector, Families with two and up to four people sleeping in a single room will be able to access the benefit. Additionally, those households that do not have a connection to the sewerage service, those who do not have a toilet or do not have connections to a septic tank and in general those who do not have access to the aqueduct, will be able to enjoy the benefits of this first call.

In the rural sector, priority will also be given to those families that have more than two people sleeping in a single room, those who have difficulties accessing water and those who have deficiencies in sanitary systems. Other factors to be a beneficiary of Change My House is to have dirt, sand or mud floors. Having exterior walls made of inappropriate materials and not having a room for the exclusive use of the kitchen.

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How to access the program?

The application of the households will be in charge of the territorial entity and the executing entities of the improvement projecttales such as popular associations, community action boards, family compensation funds and small builders, among others.

Families will approach the mayors, governors or managing entities of projects that have an offer available for program housing improvements. Households do not have to present documentation to the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory.

Households must meet the following conditions:

1. Inhabit the house to intervene.
2. Be owners, possessors or occupants of the home with at least five (5) years prior to applying for the subsidy.
3. A value of the home below the VIS limit, according to the cadastral appraisal.
4. Have a Sisbén IV score equal to or less than C18.
5. None of its members have benefited from a family subsidy for housing in the acquisition modality, during the last ten (10) years, with some exceptions.

In the case of community organizations, They may express their interest in participating in Cambia Mi Casa through the website of the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory (, where you will find general information, frequently asked questions and calls.

Organizations must send the annexes of the call of interest to the email depending on the scheme they wish to representThey must inform their possibilities and co-financing needs.

Lastly, the territorial entities wishing to participate may express their interest in participating in Cambia My House through the website of the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory (, where you will find general information, frequently asked questions and calls.

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When does the call start? Is it permanent?

The opening dates, the duration and the access channels to the calls will be in charge of the territorial entity, municipality or department, or the executing entity of the housing improvement project, to which the households must go to apply. This call for organizations will open on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 and will be open permanently. In the case of territorial entities, The call for applications will open on May 16 until June 9, 2023.

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