As usual, the co-founder of Microsoft, and one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gatesmade the economic predictions for 2023 from his Gates Notes blog.

He indicated that this will be a difficult year, taking into account that the war between Russia Y Ukraine continues, along with the consequences it brings through the pandemic of the COVID-19.

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Additionally, he said that the accuracy of the world economy will take more time: “Five difficult years are ahead because we have the debts of the pandemic and the economic cycle is changing”.

Bill Gates explained how to prevent a new pandemic and avoid more deaths.

Secondly, spoke about the electoral panorama for the United States in 2024, aspect that will also be decisive for the economy in this country and possibly in the world.

“We are going to have difficult elections and a civil war. I have no experience in these matters, I am not going to spend my money on it because I would not know how to manage it. Political polarization can end everything,” he emphasized.

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Now, with respect to the environment, he said that the actions that improved nature such as deforestation, events that led to uncontrollable fires, the death of animals due to oil spills, among other factors, made the year that has just ended notice the consequences. not to take action immediately, In addition, it would give way to what would be a year full of climatic disasters..

The other key point is that companies need to be profitable in order to grow, to continue operating and to demonstrate that there is a market for their products, according to Gates.

In his post, the tycoon also talks about his efforts to find a cure for AIDS, efforts to save mothers and babies, eradicate polio, and prepare the world for the next pandemic.

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