Bancolombia announced that it will lower, as of March 10, its interest rate for purchases made with Visa Clásica, Mastercard Clásica, American Express Blue, Mastercard Joven and Mastercard Ideal credit cards.

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According to the entity, customers with any of these cards will have an effective annual interest rate of 25 percentwhich is below the current maximum rate of 46 percent effective per year.

The bank also points out that this benefit applies to customers with a quota of up to 3.9 million pesoswhich represents 50 percent of all Bancolombia credit cards.

“We have listened to the needs of the people and, being aware of the reality of the country, we have the priority of taking care of the financial well-being of Colombians. This is how our purpose materializes”, said Juan Carlos Mora, president of Bancolombia.

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According to the bank, to the extent that each person has the conditions they consider necessary to live with adequate money.

«We have been evolving in the design of our products based on the concept of well-being and responsible advice that allows us to achieve a healthy balance between the financial needs of people and their health,» added Mora.



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