While the thousands of users affected by the cessation of operations of the company live air must request that they reimburse the money they paid for their tickets, in the court of the Civil Aeronautics (Aerocivil) is gambling the fate of the integration between that airline and Avianca.

About this topic, he referred to Avianca’s director of operations, Frederico Pedreira, in an interview with the magazine change.

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It should be remembered that the integration request of Avianca and Viva Air was filed with Aerocivil on August 8, 2022 and since then there has been no ‘white smoke’ for that initiative and several objections from the state entity.

In his statements to change, Pedreira affirmed that, if Aerocivil does not approve the integration, Avianca «does not have a way to recover the 240 million dollars that it already paid for Viva Air in April of last year, a date on which, according to him, the company was not experiencing the crisis that it is experiencing today. about to finish it.»

When asked why Avianca shareholders bought Viva Air if it was in crisis, Pedreira said that «when that value was determined it was not in that situation because that situation came later. Which led Viva not to pay rents ( of aircraft) was the whole context 2022. Surely it had financial statements that weren’t very good, but they weren’t very bad and then it had something that was indeed what gave it value: Position in Colombia, 22 aircraft, a brand loved by Colombians and that high efficiency gave it value (. ..)».

We have put on the table conditions that we are willing to do to be approved.

The director of operations of Avianca explained that the ‘good will’ of Viva Air was valued by Avianca shareholders at 200 million dollars and that the payment of 240 million dollars was partly in silver and the other with participation in Avianca.​

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change asked Pedreira for what Aerocivil has said about integration. He answered: «We have put on the table conditions that we are willing to make to be approved. As, for example, they are concerned that some routes or airports are going to be left with a larger participation of Avianca and we are delivered to deliver time slots (or time slot to the permit granted by the Aeronautical Authority to carry out an air operation).

We have said that on the routes where only Viva and Avianca operate we can set fare ceilings. The big problem here is that it’s taking a long time.»

With regard to the investigations that the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce is doing about whether Avianca had an impact on the cessation of operations of Viva Air, Pedreira told the mentioned magazine that this company had no influence on this and that he was surprised that Viva Air will manage to survive a high season.

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«They were already worried, let’s say that the red light came out when during December they took out more planes from Viva. They came to operate with 22 planes and it is with 12. That in any airline is a red sign that it is almost over, «he said.

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