The controversy in the Automotive Diagnostic Centers (CDA) continues after the insistent demand of some users of compulsory civil liability insurance for private service vehicles.

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This insurance must protect material damage caused to third parties, without charge or extra cost to the user, valid for one year, and that according to the Law must come with the acquisition of the mechanical technical revision of the vehicleIt’s on the list of concerns for CDAwhich allege that the offer of this policy is still non-existent, also implies cost overruns that are difficult to assume.

According to Fenalco Bogota – Cundinamarca, the beginning of Law 2283 of 2023 that requires CDAs to deliver this insurance, has left more questions than answers in these Diagnostic Centers, that ensure that without an offer or regulation to article 6, it is ‘impossible’ to comply with the law.

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«The insurance must be assumed by each CDA, and mathematically this is not possible since the cost of each review must be paid other obligations such as Sicov, RUNT, National Road Safety Agency, payment company, among others, in addition to the costs own operational and business; therefore, the utility is not able to assume this insurance and the price to the client cannot be increased since the value of the revision is regulated”, manifest

However, between 30% and 50% of the expenses that are made of a technical review mechanical corresponds to payments to third parties and between 50% and the remaining 70% of the rate, remains in the hands of the CDAaccording to data from the Superintendency of Transportation.

“We are asking the transport ministry that this article be reconsidered or at least regulated in a coherent way for the commercial activity of both CDA and insurers, and while this happens, the demand is stopped.

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«We believe that this measure will affect the Mechanical Technical Inspection service, which is what requires vehicles to be in optimal conditions to prevent accidents and reduce the effect on the environment,» insurance Juan Esteban Orrego, director of the Guild.

About, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, in an interview with this recognized medium the void and shown their commitment to initiate a prompt regulation of this article.

«We are studying the Law very judiciously for its regulation and making a review of the CDA by the Superintendence of Transportation and in the operation by the Ministry of Transportation,» classics.

About a possible rise in the beautifulThe minister stated that it should be analyzed, like any increase in the rates.

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currently users and CDA depends on waiting for a regulation and, in turn, for a solid offer to offer this policy.