On the morning of this Thursday, it was learned that the Superintendence of Transportation sanctioned the Aguadulce Industrial Port Society with a fine that exceeds 2,285 million pesos.

After making this sanction public, the port company assured that «it has never interrupted the continuous and efficient provision of the service, nor the performance of the non-intrusive inspection of cargo entering the terminal, which has been certified by the Anti-Narcotics Police within the administrative investigation process».

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What has been stated by the port company is contrary to what SuperTransporte affirms, which opened investigation and filed charges in August 2021 because, possibly, between June and November 2020, the trace devices did not have a provision from the corresponding authorities, as part of the services provided by the terminal.

With the exception of trace detectors, all other inspection equipment is not
intrusive never stopped working

The entity says that this fact represented a problem for the control authorities, since by not having the equipment required to carry out the inspections, it had to assume additional charges, such as the additional use of personnel and the increase in attention times, even Projected the speed and efficiency of these operations at the port facility.

The Puerto Industrial Aguadulce Society said that the investigation to which the superintendency refers is exclusively related to supplementary trace detection equipment, which is operated by the Anti-Narcotics Police and which during the time of the pandemic they suffered damages due to improper use.

«The company carried out all the effective actions to achieve its repair in the shortest possible time, taking into account the particular circumstances of the moment, such as the pandemic,» the company highlights.

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Likewise, it verified that it has complied with its legal obligations in maintaining a maintenance contract for this type of equipment, as well as providing alternative elements to continue the interrupted provision of the inspection service, such as anti-narcotics dogs and the increased use of scanners.

«With the exception of trace detectors, all other inspection equipment does not
intrusive such as container and pallet scanners never stopped working,» he added.

The fine was notified to the Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce on January 20, but it is not yet final because it was filed an appeal and appeal against the decision, which has not been resolved by the authority.

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